Pall Mall Medical

Dr Clayton has undertaken dermatology clinics at pall mall for over 10yrs. He also performs skin surgery at Pall Mall.


Dr Clayton undertakes skin surgery at Pall Mall for private patients

Dr Tim Clayton was the first dermatologist to work at Pall Mall medical when it first opened in Manchester. He delivered a very successful clinic there for many years and still works on an ad hoc basis at the clinic.


Dr Tim is able to provide surgical procedures at pall mall including skin biopsies for skin cancer and inflammatory rashes, removal of moles and basal cell carcinomas. He also can review patients in the clinic rooms at Pall Mall medical and can perform simple procedures such as cryotherapy and curettage and cautery there.


The clinic provides excellent facilities and is centrally located very close to Dr Tim’s consulting rooms on King Street.

Dr Clayton undertakes skin procedures at Pall Mall

You can book to see Tim direct through this website or call 0161 832 2111 if you want to discuss your appointment at Pall Mall.

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