Patient Testimonials​

Dr Tim Clayton is a consultant dermatologist based in Manchester. He practices at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr Clayton and have complete confidence in him. My hair was thinning and 'over the counter' medication did not work and was very messy to use. Dr Clayton recommended and prescribed oral medication. I have regular follow ups and I am pleased to say that this prescription is successful.

Dr Clayton has been fantastic with my daughter and always makes enough time to answer any questions I may have. She has an ulcerated Hemangioma which has dramatically improved in just 3 months with the treatment he has given her. It's made her a lot more content and the ulcer has now completely gone, so she isn't in any pain with it anymore, which is fantastic… It’s like a miracle medicine! He always put you at ease in the appointment and is also very prompt with liaising with the doctors to get the prescription. He also explains everything in detail to what has caused the ulceration, treatment and timescale to how long he expects her to be on the medication.

Dr Clayton has treated both my Teenage daughters for Acne. results have been amazing. Dr Clayton has been extremely thoughtful in his approach and listened to my daughters concerns - he given solid advice and a treatment plan which have resolved all their skin issues. Would highly recommend

I visited Dr Clayton in May 2020 having developed rosacea and being prescribed creams from my GP that were not improving the situation. My rosacea was really impacting my self esteem and that’s why I research Dr Clayton and made the decision to go private. From my first appointment, I felt listened to - and being anxious about starting medications, he always put me at ease, listened and understood my concerns and always worked with me in terms of getting best output, both for improving my skin but also mentally. I am a few years on and my skin has never been better - we worked out a treatment plan that is working currently and it’s really lovely to be able to wake up and not worry how your skin is! I would highly recommend Tim - both from achieving results but also working with a Dr who really listens to your concerns.

I met Dr Clayton in January 2019 after suffering with increasingly worsening rosacea symptoms. Having got no where with my GP other than being prescribed metrogel which did not work I decided to pay privately to get the problem sorted. Rosacea was really becoming an issue and had really affected my confidence. Dr Clayton recognised that and reassured me that the problem could be fixed. He put me on a 6 month course of lymecycline and within a couple of weeks I began to see an improvement. 3 months later my skin was as good as it ever had been. Recently I have had a few flare ups so Dr Clayton has prescribed a short course of medication to keep it at bay. I now have this prescribed by my local GP when needed. Dr Clayton is very approachable, puts you at ease and gave me complete confidence in the treatment being prescribed. I can highly recommend Dermexpert

First met Dr. Tim Clayton when he treated our 2 year old grandaughter a couple of years ago and improved her skin condition immensely. Since then I have been treated by him for actinic keratosis on my face caused by sun damage over many years. His advice and treatment have been exceptional and have resulted in my condition improving dramatically. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and, in fact, have done so to numerous friends!!

Having suffered with my skin for years, and seen numerous dermatologists who were unable to permanently control my persistent acne, Dr Clayton cleared my skin after one appointment and has kept it that way ever since. He really understands and empathises with the emotional distress skin problems can cause, and responds promptly to queries over email in between appointments - which is incredible. My sister visited him shortly after me, and her skin is now clear too. If you’ve been putting off seeing a derm because you’ve lost hope (as I had), I would really recommend booking in. It was pretty life changing for me!

I took my daughter who is 12 to see Dr. Clayton regarding her hormonal acne as I was concerned about the potential for scarring. Dr. Clayton immediately put us both at ease and really took the time to explain to us both in an accessible way the underlying issues and consequently how best to treat this. It was very evident that he has a wealth of experience and I would highly recommend his expertese for anyone with skin concerns. The whole experience was highly professional and efficient from start to finish.

We took our 8 month old baby boy to Dr Clayton after being dismissed by our GP numerous times for advice regarding his hemangiomas (including facial hemangioma). It was the best decision we could have made in getting advice and treatment for our boy. Dr Clayton was very informative and reassuring, we were able to start treatment quickly and we are amazed with the results. Our follow up care for further reviews has been outstanding with quick appointment times. Mandy, Dr Clayton's assistant is always helpful and quick to respond to any queries. I would highly recommend Derm Expert and cannot thank the team enough for their help.