He is currently working closely with clinical psychologists to develop a multi-disciplinary service for young adults with severe inflammatory skin disease.


Dr Clayton is an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester and he has been actively involved in clinical research throughout his medical education.

He is currently working closely with clinical psychologists to develop a multi-disciplinary service for young adults with severe inflammatory skin disease. This work is focussing on the severe psychological upset that may occur as a consequence of suffering from a chronic skin disease such as psoriasis, acne or eczema.

Dr Clayton’s team at Salford are currently developing a new study observing the timing of topical therapy and its effect on children with moderate or severe atopic eczema. Dr Clayton was actively involved in a large study that helped to characterize the common filaggrin mutations occurring in children with eczema in the UK.

He also was part of similar study looking at understanding the genetic basis of acne.

In addition to over 30 abstracts at scientific meetings and several book chapters.

Dr Clayton has authored/co-authored the following articles published in peer reviewed journals and accessed on pubmed.

Updated PUVA guidelines:

Ling T, Clayton TH et al. British Association of Dermatologists and British Photodermatology Group guidelines for the safe and effective use of psoralen-ultraviolet A therapy 2015. Br J Dermatol. 2016 Jan;174(1):24-55


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research continued....

Dr Clayton has also been involved in major studies looking at the genetics of eczema.

His adult eczema clinic is also involved in clinical trials of new biologic interventions for eczema.

If you are between the age of 18 and 45 yrs old and suffer from severe eczema then you may be eligible to enroll on one the new biologic studies for atopic eczema.

Dr Clayton has also recruited over 200 patients into a national study looking at the genetic causes of acne. Dr Clayton has also submitted data to the PITCH study, a large international study into infantile haemangiomas.

( see peer reviewed publications above)

Dr Clayton is a member of the UK Phototherapy and Acne guidelines committees and recently published guidelines for the use of PUVA photo chemotherapy. (see above)

Dr Clayton is currently conducting an audit on the treatment of viral warts in over 200 school children.