New Drug Trials for Eczema

– A Two-Part Phase I, Randomized Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Single Dose, Dose-escalation Study of Subcutaneous and Intravenous Administration of IL-31 mAb (anti-Interleukin 31 Monoclonal Antibody, BMS-981164) in Healthy Subjects and Adult Subjects with Atopic Dermatitis


This is a Phase I study, for volunteers 18 to 65 years old , and the volunteer will get 1 dose of subcutaneous IL-31 mAb. The patients will have a washout of 2 weeks for systemic treatment and 3 days for topical treatment before receiving the study drug. As this is an early phase trial, the volunteers get £2064 as a compensation for inconvenience.

-A study to see the effect of OC000459 in people with eczema:


This is for volunteer from 18 to 48 years old who are on topical treatment only and on no other concomitant medication. The patients will be able to continue using their topical treatment up to 2 weeks after receiving the study medication (CRTH2 (Chemoattractant Receptor-Homologous molecule expressed on Th2 cells) antagonist). The treatment is for 26 weeks and only travel expenses will be re-imbursed for this study.



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